Public Space | 1st Prize | Competition | City Entrance | Arzberg, Germany

Negative - Positive

A town struggling for its future after the decline of the porcelain industry. A small empty lot at the entrance of the town, next to a used car dealer, a camping site, a toilet house and the historic town hall. To this arbitrary context, the project adds an absurd atmosphere: an orchard with a table that is overlong.

This table is an invitation: to discuss, to laugh, to get nostalgic or angry and above all – to be able to do it in community.

The porcelain brand Arzberg mostly earned its name from the so-called 1382 service, which is exhibited at the MoMA in New York, among other places. The imprints, the negatives of this service, are incorporated into the surface of the table.

The porcelain has left its mark on this city – but it is missing!