Courtyard | Competition | 1st Prize | Deutsches Hygiene-Museum | Dresden, Germany


A pearl in our project collection: we are planning the redesign of the inner courtyard of the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden. The design confronts the monumental building with two atmospheres:

In the lower area we will plant a dense thicket. Long horizontal bodies lead the visitors through the thicket and offer the possibility to sit or lie down. Visitors can make their way through the thicket and discover their new favourite places or take a barrier-free path through the dense atmosphere.

Sun dance
Above, on the roof of the museum depot and in front of the windows of the foyer, lies the Sun Dance. The word feeling is written in Braille in different languages on the existing asphalt surface. The lettering is slightly raised and tactile. Next to it are large beds of scented perennials.