Winning competition | Domshof | Bremen | With RB+P Landschaftsarchitektur christoph hesse architects

Transformation in 3 acts

Act 1: Shape
The north-east corner of the square is raised. The result is a landscape sculpture that works with the existing slope of the square. The ramp to the bicycle car park in the bunker beneath the square will be integrated into this sculpture.
Act 2: Extend
The existing group of trees will be extended to form a grove on the eastern side of the square.
Act 3: Densify
The market space becomes denser. We all know that: A good market is narrow.

We think: A courageous design about the fact, that multicoring is more than just free space for events, about new mobility, climate change and material recycling and: the power of artificial landscapes. Or to use the words of the jury: Hello future!