Lausanne jardin 2024 | Preisträger | Prize Winner | Installation | Playscape | Prom. de Vidy 9, 1007 Lausanne, Schweiz

Infinitely less

We all know the playful potential of a water hose with holes and fountains of water to jump over, close, wet others, avoid or, on a hot day, just stand in.
Infinite less works with a multitude of holes in a long tube that lays itself on the asphalt in graphic contrast.

The players have to pump the water into the hose themselves with a bicycle. When you pedal, you can see what you are doing. The fountains rise. The players on the bicycles push the game along and bring people and water together in a playful way.

Beginning and end: the pumping tube begins and ends in Lake Geneva, a cycle. Every drop of water that leaves the hose through the holes is: a game!