Square design | Special Mention | Competition | Husemannplatz, Bochum, Germany | With Dipl.-Ing. Markus Vogl

Take place

A dense green space in the middle of the city. A large, two-story playhouse, a small ice café, a water field and symbolic benches invite all generations to the centre of the square. Brass bands form a calligraphy of precious metals and repeatedly swing up to form benches. The time of steel as the main narrative in this city is over. Therefore: a touch of glitz, an idea of surprising value that draws from the past and boldly transforms it on into the present and future.

Jury’s verdict: “Despite the critical remarks regarding the functionality of the square, the design can convince with a very bold clear statement to rethink the city square of the 21st century and to interpret it as a place to participate and stay. The result is a square concept that succeeds in creating a 24-hour place with attractive offers for all generations.”